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Mentorship Exchange-National Association of Retired Physicians

You are invited to join the free Mentorship Exchange of the National Association of Retired Physicians. This is an opportunity for you to answer questions and share your experience with practicing physicians.

Simply put, you have a wealth of experience and wisdom-decades spent healing people. And you'll have an opportunity to share that with residents and fellows. They will post questions and comments to the discussion, and you'll be welcome to answer whichever ones relate to your experience and knowledge.

These questions will typically be a point of departure for an ongoing discussion, generating a lot of back-and-forth discussion among the participants.

By joining this forum, you receive a free basic membership in the association. To join, simply click here and fill out the form.

The discussion will take place entirely via e-mail. Members of the forum can simply send a message to By sending your message to that address you will be sending it to the entire group.

You will receive messages via e-mail that are posted by other members. If you reply to a message, it will go to the entire group.

The forum will be monitored so that it can be restricted to legitimate postings.

Privacy Statement: The National Association of Retired Physicians will never share your e-mail address with any other person or entity. You will never receive unauthorized e-mail as a result of submitting your e-mail address.

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