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Christopher Terrien, M.D.

A personal statement from cofounder Tom Terrien

My father, Christopher Terrien, M.D., enjoyed a long and successful career as one of the first Cardiologists of note in the state of Vermont. He was a practicing physician in the State for 40 years and was chief of medical staff at the teaching hospital in Burlington, Vt. and an associate professor at the University of Vermont School of Medicine for over 35 years. Among his many students was the former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, M.D..

After decades of playing a role, of healing people, of making serious decisions every day, he was suddenly separated from all that.

I saw firsthand what happens when a vital, dedicated member of the medical community is deprived of the opportunity to contribute. This was a loss to the medical community and a loss of purpose for my father. He often said, "Education is the process of growing up". It is a shame to take a "fully grown" physician like my dad and not give him a chance to share what he knows.

It was because of this experience that I had the idea to form the National Association of Retired Physicians. Its sole purpose is to create meaningful opportunities for retired physicians so that they can continue to make an important-even crucial-contribution to society.

In its early stages the association will primarily be an opportunity for e-mail-based discussions via the Mentorship Exchange.

Once the ideas start flowing and people get involved, we will quickly move ahead. We are very eager, for example, to work for change in the laws so that retired physicians can continue to practice.

We see many areas, such as free clinics and various charitable institutions, where retired physicians can play an important role.

Plus, as a powerful voice needing to be heard, retired physicians can, as a group, be a powerful lobbying force. In the year 2000 there were 250,000 physicians over the age of 55.

I encourage you to join one or both discussions today. And together we'll create new opportunities for retirees like your self.

Tom Terrien
Executive Director

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